What is Bella’s CatNap?

Bella's CatNap is a non-profit, no-kill cat shelter located in Setia Alam, Selangor. Our aim is to provide the best possible care for stray, rescued, abused, and abandoned cats. This cat haven is currently personally funded and  with the help of donations. We are hoping for this cat shelter will be self-sufficient through revenues from Bella's CatNap Store (coming soon), boarding, grooming and other services in the near future. All donations will go to Bella's CatNap.

What’s the story?

The founder of this shelter has been an avid animal lover since she was little, but not until 2018  she decided to find a place for the rescued furbabies. And that’s when Bella’s CatNap was founded.

Currently, Bella’s CatNap has 30 cats from  the past 10 years of rescuing. There are so many stories of how the cats were found, some were abandoned, some were injured strays, some lost their mothers, and some were thrown in the dumpster bin as kittens.

What’s the plan?

The short term goal is to get most if not all the current cats adopted before June 2021, but for us to keep running till then, we need your help.

If all goes well, the next thing is to make Bella’s CatNap a financially self-sufficient cat haven by selling pet supplies, offering boarding, grooming, and sending you cats to vets services.

Who is Bella?

You might be wondering by now who is Bella?

Bella is one of the cats rescued before the shelter existed. She was the reason Bella’s CatNap started, so that we could find a place for her and the others. Sadly, a few months before Bella’s CatNap begun, Bella left us and went to kitty heaven.

Fun fact, Bella’s CatNap logo was inspired by this picture of her napping.

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