How can you help?

Here are some of the ways you can help!


You can adopt our furbabies! Adoption is free!
There are terms and conditions, we need to make sure that the cats and you are suitable with each other.

Do make an appointment to visit our furbabies!*
You can email us or fill the form below. 

*Due to COVID-19 visitation and adoption will be put on hold until January 2022**

** The date may change.

You can foster!

Some of our furbabies need help to get them adoped and ease their transition to their new homes. Since most of them aren’t used to new environments and new people, fostering them could help.

You can email us to know more!


We can use a little help financially or you can donate other things that we may need like food, litter, toys, air purifier, etc. The list will be uploaded soon.

Sponsor a cat!

This is a long-term donation, you can help sponsor a cat until they are adopted or up to the length you prefer. Minimum sponsor is for one month.

It is RM90 ($USD23~) a month to sponsor one cat.


Come and spend time with the furbabies! You can help us run the shelter and spend time playing with the cats. It’s a win-win!

*Due to COVID-19, this is currently suspended until further notice.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email or reach us on social media (you can click on the icons at the end of this page).

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