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Chauffur is now available!

Our first service is here! Introducing Chauffur!

We understand that a lot of people have a lot to manage on  daily basis, on top of that your furbabies need some extra attention too!

We’re here to help ease things for you, let us send and pick up your cats to your preferred veterinary clinics, grooming place or cat hotel. If you don’t have one, don’t worry we’ll recommend one nearby you!

Learn more about our Chauffur service by clicking below!

Raising money for Bella’s CatNap!

25 November 2020

We are currently raising money for Bella’s CatNap.
You can can help to donate or share our post on social media or Whatsapp group!

Below is the letter by Bella’s CatNap founder

Help! The situation:

I run Bella’s CatNap for the past two years and been personally funding it. But early this year I have to stop working to be my mother's caregiver. She had a stroke and broke her femur, due to that and her pre medical condition she is temporarily bed ridden. Her recovery will take a long time and due to financial reasons I won't be able to hire help to look after her.

Without a stable income, the cat shelter is in dire need of help. Bella's CatNap has 33 rescued cats that I have rescued the past 10 years or so. I humbly ask for donation to run it. The money will 100% go to the cat shelter, for their food, to pay utilities and rental for the place. This amount will be enough for 6 months.

What's the future?

The plan is to get most, if not all of the cats adopted next year while getting the cat shelter to be self-sufficient with grooming service, boarding service and selling pet supplies. With the current pandemic and economic situation I am not sure what the future will hold after the next 6 months. But whatever it is, the goal is for the cats to be safe and happy at their new future homes.

What are the other ways to help?

Not everyone can donate, I will be very happy if you can spread the word on this campaign. I will also be raising money by selling a few things such as artprints or art related items (I am designer and managing other creative people), and some other items which I will be updating soon.

Would rather donate directly than through this campaign?

You can do that by emailing me at at, or text/call for those who have my number. I also have sponsor a cat program coming soon, where you can donate monthly or yearly until the cat gets adopted!


There will be some cool artwork (and other stuff) that will be given away to limited number of people who donated RM200 ($USD 50) or more. I will update on this soon.

Thank you.

There is reward for kindness to every living thing.
I thank those who are willing to help. I hope one day I can return the favour. May you be protected and blessed, always.

E. Sams

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